Malaysia’s only all-in-one home solar solution that guarantees savings from day one.

Join over 200 households and save more than you pay from day 1.

Terms & conditions apply.

All the gain, none of the pain

Enjoy all the benefits of a custom solar system with no huge upfront payments or surprises, just an affordable all-inclusive monthly payment. After a decade, the system is yours to own.

Fixed, Flat Rate

Lock in a fixed monthly payment over 10 years, no extra costs. For a shorter term, choose a 5 or 7-year ownership plan.

Guaranteed Savings

Save at least RM1 on your TNB bill for every RM1 you pay for your solar system. It’s like getting the system for free. And with zero upfront, savings start from day 1.

Zero Hassle

Rest easy as we take care of it all! This includes 24/7 monitoring and support, as well as repairs and replacements. No additional charges or warranty complications.

Solar setups at a glance

What’s a common solar system size? Here’s a rough guide based on common household sizes. Remember, they’re just to give you an idea. We’ll confirm the specifics for your home after an in-person site survey.

Small home/family


Est. monthly generation

420 kWh

Est. monthly TNB bill savings


Est. roof space required


Medium home/family


Est. monthly generation

630 kWh

Est. monthly TNB bill savings


Est. roof space required


Large home/family


Est. monthly generation

1,050 kWh

Est. monthly TNB bill savings


Est. roof space required


Figures are based on SEDA’s NEM Calculator, for a RM500 TNB bill on a three-phase power supply. Actual results may vary.

Saving With Solar:
How Does it Work?

With Net Energy Metering (NEM). Here’s how it works, as illustrated through a post-solar electricity bill:


TNB energy

you used


637 kWh


Solar energy you produced


339 kWh


Your new TNB bill


298 kWh

TNB energy you used



Solar energy you produced



Your new TNB bill



This is just a simplified illustration. Your actual bill may vary.

Solar as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

We’ll talk to you about your home and electricity use then design a system that optimises your roof space and maximises your savings.

Step 2

If you’re happy with our proposal, book your installation. We’ll take care of all applications and approvals to secure your NEM benefits.

Step 3

TNB upgrades your meter and you’re officially plugged into the sun! Relax and enjoy the rays, we’re watching over your system.

Get solar installed, minus the stress

Get tier-1 solar panels and a globally-certified inverter, plus a lot more, for a lot less with every Solar Infinite™ package.

Solar panels


System monitoring


24/7 support



Electricity tariffs will continue to rise

Over the last ten years, the average electricity tariff has increased by about 6% each year. As the costs to produce energy rise, the price of electricity will too.

Luckily, so will the sun.

Find out how you can own your solar system for (technically) free and pay absolutely nothing for the first 3 months.*

*Limited to the first 200 customers. Terms & conditions apply.

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